Greener Days Smash

This cocktail is inspired by the work we are doing and the season, giving you something fresh to enjoy this summer!

For this cocktail, we deeply encourage you to explore the items you can find locally, especially at your local farmer’s markets.


2oz Brother’s Bond Regenerative Grain Straight
0.25 oz Lime Juice
0.5 oz Honey Syrup (honey cut in equal parts with
hot water)
1/2 Lime, cut into small wedges
3 Cucumber Slices
5 Basil Leaves, plus more for garnish


Muddle lime, cucumber, and basil with honey in a small shaker tin. Add remaining ingredients, ice, and shake for 5 seconds. Pour the entire contents of the shaker into the glass. Top with ice as needed.

Glass: Rocks
Garnish: Basil Sprig and Cucumber Ribbon